Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whoooo new blinkie!

Sooo, Been a while since I last posted >< (>^.^)> Sorry! <(^.^<) Anyhoo, been wee bit busy with World of warcraft, been bored and uncreative so I went back to leveling my dear ol' Goldenmoon.. Well I got as far as lvl 64 so it'll prolly be a whole month again before I go another lvl! but yarr.. Damnnnn Blizzard changed a couple of things, lodging a ticket means you may end up waiting 10hours (like i did!) on the one toon ingame, They no longer have certain subjects that you submit a ticket too. Its open for everything.. So I guess they have to sort through dumb questions t oactual bugs or sumfink.. But yarr, Guild bank wasnt showing to ANYONE in the guild.. and they kept telling me it was my computer... but not long after they did some restarts and a small maintainence and all was well.. (Still not happy that they always insist its a problem on the User's end and NEVER theirs.. Reminds me of Microsoft with their Xbox 360's >< duhhhhhh!)

brought out my graphics tablet again, poor thing musta been feeling left out (or I was getting used to it again ^^ hehe) coz running the pen across it slightly had it zipping about the screen.. Maybe it was happy to see me??

Anyhow.. TnT Designs should hopefully be launching soon.. Just made the Blinkie just now ^^ shall upload in a sec ^^

Thinking about maybe (more like FINALY) learning CSS.. just not sure.. kinda comfortable with html but I guess an old dog can learn new tricks... So, If anyone has some awesome CSS tutorial thingy's then feel free to share (I trade you this lovely cookie, for that crummy web url that full of brain killing xhtml stuffs.. Okay??)

Anyhow.. Like my pretty blinkie?? ->>
Whoohoo I do, I do!!

Anyhow off for now.. prolly be uploading more stuffs shortly..