Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Saying Thank you

Okay, I love browsing DeaviantArt and grabbing some of the lovely freebies that they have to offer.. Stock photo's, Adobe CS3 and lower Brushes, Actions, Textures, It's endless!
But its been bothering my lately.. I've noticed that Alot of artist's have something like 500 D/L's but something like 18 comments..

Surely not everyone has instant Download? Surely people have enough time and energy to type "Thank You" of appriciation.. I mean, Some of that stuff, It's like Pro.. And it's free!

What's the deal?

"I like this but im not going to bother with a Thank you?"

C'mon people, Artists take their time and effort to supply you with free stuff, but you can't take the time to say thanks? It is 9 key's (including the space bar!) thats like 9 seconds! (depending how fast you type!)

Thank you - This is for You, Whether your a budding artist, an Artist, someone who likes the freebies etc.. Plz plz plz, View that link and pass it on!

Part of this is dedicated to mum, Whom i've listened and watched many times, Shake her head and show me some of her favourite suppliers, who have 10,000+ D/L'd and many 100 comments...

Help me, Help you.

Keep Freebies Free!