Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time for some Art stuff's

Okay, So, Just to get my blog more out there, I'm gonna share some art! (hey, Who doesn't love a little free publicity!)

But, Should I see ANYONE reshare this art, without my explict written permission.. I will come down like a ton of bricks.. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Okay, So Firstly As I mentioned in my Introduction Post, I have this lifetime addiction to horses! So, I do alot of Photo Manipulations of them.. Particularly of my Roleplay Character's from a Roleplay site i've been on since i was ten!

So, Here's a few to share :)

Her name is Rory,
She is a Appaloosa Filly
Marking are Black stocking and a white blanket with her chestnut coat showing through. You'll notice on her rump, a few spots that actually look like the sothern cross! I didnt do that i swear!

She resides in a Neutral Herd, Adopted by the terrifyingly huge Stallion Kalimanjaro.. Like I said Kila is Terrifying, dont mess with herd or he'll wipe the lands clean with your flesh :)

Credits go to-

Horse - [link]
Background- ~rostock
Brushes- Grunge Borders *asunder
Spider- ~Debi-Chiru
Rain- *redheadstock
Manipulation- Me (hemhem11261)

And how about another..

This I did for a Member of the Roleplay site mentioned above, This was what her Template looked like all together (There were two two parts!)

Horse From- [link]
Background From- [link] ©
Brushes I used-
Grundge Border- [link]
feather- [link]
Rain/grundge- [link]
Clouds- [link]
Manipulation- Me (hemhem11261)

I love making things, Especially when someone gives me a little Challenge!

So yeah...

My Final Piece, Wolf, Which is Featured on my DeviantArt is something I made for my Boyfriend Brendan, After He checked out my DA and asked If I could do wolves or Dragons... I had to admit, His one took me over a month to do it.. But, Time was the Best tool of all and It's become one of My favourite Features :)

Creative Commons License
Wolf is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Australia License.


White Wolf- ~tristin-stock
Reddish Brown Wolf- ~ForsakeWolf
Background- *night-fate-stock
Clouds/Sky- Came from A free stock site, Will share when I can find it again..
Borders- ~Debi-Chiru
Manipulation- Me (hemhem11261)

So, I think that's me for this post, Sorry If it took time to load, or looked funny on your Moniter etc etc..

So Tata For Now!


Mozz said...

Awww it looks all pretty now with all your art work up..
Rory and Wolf are my favs out of this lot, always loved them..
So yeah how about doing me a dragon one or dragonfly one lol ...
You are very talented young lady...
luvs ya

Thumper said...

Muwhahaha, okay... BUUUUTTTT (<--- thats a big butt)

If you want it more personalised then you might haves to giveee mee more details..

I shall go lookies on webs for both, see what i can come up with.. I take it you would be wanting a Puurple Dragon/fly yes yes..

Okaaayy Dokies