Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Weekend!


That is, by far I think, The BEST WEEKEND EVER!

Let me summarise what happend..

Okay, zee other half, Brendan, Came over on Thursday night after he got Friday off at work, He spent the night here. When we woke up in the morning we got our stuff ready, Took train into perth, then from Perth Traino got a taxi to take us to Duxton Hotel..

I have to admit, I felt so out of place walking into that lobby, It's So fancy and posh looking, The people that work there are friendly and helpful. I think the only thing bad i could say would be the lifts, Mind you that would be for any place, I would complain about the lifts.. I think its just that lurch when they reach a floor. Gah..

Anyways, Our room was gorgeous, Really big, had this warm kind of at home feel to it. The bed, Comfy as anything, I skidded across it when we first arrived.. The comforter was that silky lol..
Our room faced the inner city.. So once we explored our room we kinda settled down and finnished making oiur plans for that night...

At 5.30pm we had a shower and got ready, went and had dinner and a cappucino at The Dome, across the road from us. After that we headed back to the hotel, changed yet again, and the went to the lobby to wait for our cab.

When we arrived at Challenge Stadium we had alot of fun trying to find which doors we had to enter through, We found it and went in, watched everyone arrive and talked about the show, just before 8pm, we watched Gabrielle Cimli's band members set up and the her come onto stage. I had no clue who she was but, I found her music rather enjoyable.

They only played for 30mins and then the next 35 mins (yes we kept an eye on time) watching James Blunts crew set up. I had an inkling that They were going to have most of the band set up behind the massive curtain and sure enough, it went dark, a lbuish light came onstage, we saw 5 guys come on, 2 stayed at the front of the curtains and then lights were on, JAmes Blunt was onstage, singing, we could hear music and within the next 30secs the curtains had come down and dragged ofstage to reveal the rest of his crew.

HE WAS SO BRILLIANT! I LOVE HIS SINGING & HE HAS A NICE ASS O.o' And yes, it was kinda hard not to notice it, Because I took a very good photo of it..

Ohh, That was the one thing that annoyed me all night. Was the constant secrurity on camera's.. Admittedly, I would have put my camera away and stopped then and there, But it was just on our side of the stadium.. The other side and floor didnt get told of until some Manager guy came out and did the "I'll cut off your head" signal.. Well thats what it looked like he was saying when he did it the the people next to my Boyfriend.. But yeah, Everyone else got to take pictures.. So, I had my own method to take mine :)

So yes, I really enjoyed myself, Had an awesome time. So Thank you Brendan for the wonderful weekend..

Oooo In other news from Thumper, There was a car crash just outside the Dome the next morning.. We were sitting chatting about somethign waiting for our breakfast, and we hear a screech and then a bang and a crunch.. We both stood up, Directly outside our window A taxi had lost control coming around a corner and slammed into a taxi on the other side of the road plus a pole! He must have been going really really fast, because the force that he hit the pole had broken his front left axle and bent his Wheel inward! And you know what, The idiot was listening to an iPod! I guess thats why your not suppose to listen to them whilst driving..

We had a good time though, Brendan's mate came and met us at the Dome, had breakfast with us.. Then we went shopping :)

So.. I had an awesome, awesome, wicked weekend, and hope that next weekend will be just as good! Hooray for birthday's!

So, Till my next one..
Catch ya peoples!


Mozz said...

hmmm I am wondering what you was doing to skid across the bed, but then I am thinking I dont want to
Glad you had such a wonderful weekend. Brendan sure did give you a lovely early b/day present..
only 5 more days till you is old

Thumper said...

Lol, I jumped on it :P He cracked up.. My butt hurt after tho.. Learned my lesson.. But not long after when we called cab i went to sit on edge of bed and slipped off again.. Im such a clutz

I did I Did! I have this awesum picture of JB's ass that im going to be greedy and keep for myself lol..
I think that was such an awesum prezzie, and he enjoyed it too.. I still felt spoilt..

Hooray for Birthdays!

Mozz said...

your a worry